Edward Reeves & William Charles Dumbell

The Florrie Old Boys


Edward Reeves – Lived his whole life in Liverpool. Having spent most of his youth in the Florrie, Edward’s first visit was to the Thursday night boxing sessions with his father as a young boy. He’s most proud of the house he built in Kirkby – a house he’s lived in for 40 years. William Charles Dumbell – Born and raised in the Abercromby Area, Liverpool. Spending a good portion of his youth playing football at the Florrie, William’s connection with the building grew so deep that he was later made a trustee. And his efforts, along with many others’, resulted in the restoration of the building. To William, the Florrie is more than just a place for young people to hang out; it’s a physical statement of how communities can come together, regardless of their religion and ethnicity.



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